President Obama to add 30,000 troops

US President Barack Obama  has announced he will send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

The much awaited decision by the President was  announced on Tuesday night. This comes after weeks of debate amongst Obama and his team as to the best strategy in dealing with the upsurge in violence in Afghanistan.

The President has faced critics at both home and oversees with British Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth accusing  him of dithering and costing lives. British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who recently announced an increase in troop numbers, welcomed the news.

There does appear to have been a split amongst the Obama administration regarding this issue. The popularity of the war has plummeted in the past year as Americans have become wary of the number of U.S personnel that have lost their lives. Both Democrats and Republicans have criticised the President’s plan’s as he finds himself between a rock and hard place.

There appears to also be a mixed reaction amongst the troops who will be deployed and their families. So all eyes will be on July 2011, when U.S troops are due to pull out of Afghanistan. If the surge is successful, then Obama will gain kudos amongst the public and will look good for re-election in 2012. However, should things not go well, then he faces an uphill battle to define his presidential legacy.


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