The Ausiello Files

Entertainment Weekly columnist, Micheal Ausiello, has a great blog that provides readers with up to date information on american tv shows.

His blog is a great place to find out if your favourite show is doing well, has been canceled or renewed for another series. His blog is updated several times a day with information that is important to its readers and also breaks news. Once a week, his blog, has the Ask Ausiello feature, which allows readers to post questions about a particular show or to get scoops on upcoming episodes of the most popular and not so popular shows. Ausiello’s personality shines through on each of his postings. His is a very sardonic, funky and creative sense of humour.

His standing is such that he routinely gets exclusive scoops and interviews with major players such as the creators of ‘Lost‘.  There are some things he could do better. One of which is not to prattle on so much in his postings. He also can be quite dismissive of those who write in with questions. He’s not rough around the edges, just a little over the top with his put downs. Overall though, I keep coming back each day to check him out. It keeps the readers informed and in the loop on what’s occurring in TV land.


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