The Journalist reborn

The following is from the New York Times. Veteran New York news anchor, Chuck Scarborough, gave this advice to a soon to be journalist.


As an upcoming university graduate with a concentration in journalism, my biggest worry is about being able to obtain a job in the future. In light of all the disappearing journalism jobs, what advice do you have for aspiring young journalists?

— Posted by Alina


Embrace change and be prepared for it. With every news organization disseminating stories over multiple platforms, the next generation of journalists had better be able to write brilliantly for print, shoot video, be facile with nonlinear laptop editing, enjoy blogging and understand how to use social media.

In human history, information has never been so available or so easily shared. There are many dangers in the torrent of data in which we are constantly immersed, but there are unprecedented opportunities for dedicated, passionate journalists to tell their stories and build their careers.


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