Worst. Site. Ever

Worst website that I’ve come across must surely go to Havenworks. It’s a complete and utter mess. Cluttered from top to bottom with various news stories mainly from the political sphere.

The biggest problem other than all the stories crammed onto the one page; is just how long the page itself is. It will take days just to scroll down to see to view other content. There is absolutely no way anybody would spend the time doing that.

The design of the site is also very unfriendly to the eye. There’s just too much information on screen to comprehend. The whole point of having a website, especially one that has political news, is for it to be user friendly. Make it easier for users to find the stories of interest or something specific. It’s of no use to anyone in its present guise.

This website pretty much sums up the current political malaise in Washington D.C. Looking at this site is bad for your health. I started to feel ill. So to our American cousins, make sure you’re health insurance is valid and up to date. You may just need it after visiting this site.


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