Ashcroft dom goes on and on

Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft is still on the hot seat despite documents showing that he did not have to be a full UK taxpayer to become a Lord.

It was widely believed that Ashcroft had agreed to pay UK taxes in order to become a Lord. However, the document leaked to the BBC confirms that the Government did not make this a stipulation for Lord Ashcroft when accepting his peerage. He and the Tory party didn’t help matters by initially refusing to clarifying his position.

William Hague, who as party leader nominated Ashcroft for a  peerage back in 2000, crowed today about the peer being vindicated. He said “The idea that this was a secret Tory deal for Lord Ashcroft to avoid whatever people thought he should have paid is rather blown apart by the knowledge this was all copied to Downing Street,”

However, Foreign Secretary David Milliband retorted “It is now clear there has been a decade of deception at the top of the Conservative Party and I repeat my call, which is backed today by a former Chief Executive of the Conservative Party, that David Cameron sacks Lord Ashcroft.

“As for William Hague, he needs to explain why it’s taken 10 years to drag the truth out of the Conservative Party and why he continues to obfuscate today.”

The saga continues.


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