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Easter egg goodness

April 1, 2010

Ahh! The joys of Easter are upon us once again. I love this time of year. For many people, it’s a time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus gave when he died on the cross for the sins of many. For others, it’s a time to pig out on lots of chocolate easter eggs.

I fall into the latter category. Well I had planned on chowing down on a nice Rolo egg, but alas I’ve been sworn off sugar for the next month due to  dietary reasons. It’s so frustrating as this is the first Easter I’ve spent in the UK since 2001. During my absence I’ve had egg parcels sent to me by friends and family or paying exorbitant prices for imported eggs.

I’ve dreamt of this moment for nearly ten years and now it’s all been scuppered. Damn you sugar gods. Damn you all to hell!!!!


Twitter is for the birds

April 1, 2010

Okay. I have given this new fangled Twitter thingy a try and I am suitably unimpressed.

Yes it’s instanious and all that, but do I really want to read about what people are doing or where they’re going to? I think not! I can live without it. I just don’t see how some  people I share the planet with find Twitter addictive. Are some of my fellow earth dwellers really that anxious to know what the person they follow is eating for dinner or doing in the loo? I guess so.

From a journalistic stand point, it really is rather pointless. Aside from updating your followers, it has no news worthy value in terms of moving things along. Perhaps if I’m caught up at the scene of a developing news story, then maybe it might allow me to get word out quickly. However, that applies to any member of the public. I think Facebook does just as good a job.

To each his own. Different strokes for different folks. All the cliches come rolling out. Good luck to those of you that tweet, but I don’t rate its chances of being around in a couple of years. If I’m proved wrong, let me know by sending me a tweet.