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The Return of the Tories

May 12, 2010

They’re back! The old etonians have taken over the asylum. Welcome back?  I think not. I consider this ‘historic’ moment a sad day in Britain. Having grown up under Thatcher and her cronies from ’79 to ’97, I truly dread the Conservatives taking back control of this country. The only saving grace is that the coalition with the Lib Dems has clipped their wings….for now.

David Cameron is now the 19th Prime Minister to hail from Eton. Says it all really. Despite his claims of modernisation of the tories, they are still a middle and upper class group who despise the working class people of this country. They also loath the NHS and would surely love to dismantle it. They’re the party whose members were born with silver spoons in their mouths. As for Nick Clegg, he’s cut from the same cloth. Just another toff. Classless soicety? My…there’s goes a pig flying by my window.

The Lib Dems should adopt the Beach Boys song ‘Wipeout’ because that’s what will happen to their MP’s at the next election. And we won’t have five years to wait for that. I reckon by 2012 we’ll be trudging back to the polls. In the meantime, God help us all!


Kanye West Battles Cleveland Brown Jr

May 4, 2010

Audio & Video

May 4, 2010

First up for me was the video project. 5 weeks of learning how to use a video camera, Final Cut Pro, and all the joys of producing a three minute piece. I opted to gauge opinion on Tony Blair and his appearance at the Chilcott inquiry on the Iraq war. This was around the time this was all in the news.

I went around the university stopping my fellow students to get their opinions on whether the former Prime Minister should be charged with war crimes for his role in the war. It seemed to catch some people off guard as they at times struggled for an answer. Surprisingly, most of the respondents seemed to concur that a charge of war crimes would be to strong. I expected to encounter far more anger towards him especially following the media coverage of his performance at the inquiry.

For my audio, I went with the topic of lack of organ and bone marrow donation in the black community. I opted for this as it has become a major talking point in the last decade as many young people including children are dying because there are insufficient numbers on the register from the community. I wanted to highlight this issue and find out why there is such a reluctance for people to consider donating organs or bone marrow.

I spoke with  a representative from A.C.L.T (African Caribbean Leukemia Trust) in Croydon who are at the forfront of this battle to get people to register. However, the zoom recorder malfunctioned and I lost the interview. In the end I spoke with two friends who gave contrasting views on the subject. What it did was to highlight the reasons behind a reluctance to donate. Suspicion and ignorance being key reasons. It was a learning curve for me and one I have taken much from.

Multimedia Journalism – A Reflection

May 4, 2010

Multimedia Journalism showed me just how important the internet and online journalism have become. I had never really considered how impressive a video slideshow can be and also the impact it can have on telling a story. It really takes journalism to another level.

I really enjoyed blogging most of all. It was something I had planned to do, so it was a great opportunity as part of the module. It’s such a great tool as it allows you to place your thoughts out there for the entire world to view. I like the interactive and creative elements of blogging. I learned to embed videos onto my blog and also link to other sites and stories. This is really what whetted my appetite to plunge head on into the medium. Most importantly, this module really highlighted how multi-faceted a journalist must be today. You can’t just settle on print, television or radio. By doing so, you’re really limiting yourself.  This is one of the reason I wanted to do a Journalism degree course. I have the experience of print journalism, but this is a whole new ball game.

This module has been very effective in bringing across the changing face of journalism. Culminating in the group blogs and multimedia days, I know it has already enhanced my journalistic skills and my and also my thinking. I want to go on and add to my repertoire and this module has helped to get the ball rolling. I look forward to doing Advanced Web Journalism in the year 2.

Group Blog Heaven

May 4, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed the group blog project. Paul came up with the idea of doing a political blog. I thought it was a good one as the election was coming up in May, so there would be lots of copy to write. We assembled a team that included individuals that were hard working, committed and most important of all, reliable. Each of us were given a task and each person delivered.

Paul was the Editor, Sophia designed the website and Vicky did the Facebook and all things related to young people thing. I was tasked with overseeing the production schedule. It really was smooth sailing. Everyone wrote interesting and engaging pieces. Most of us all wrote more than required as we clearly enjoyed  producing the blog. I did a lot of research on political stories, such as the BNP contesting the Barking and Dagenham seat, and my local constituency. Overall the look and feel of the blog was great. Lots of cartoons and eye catching stories. Each of our personalties shone through and that added to the blogs success.

The only thing that could have been done better was catching spelling errors prior to them being posted. We also were all guilty of not crediting cartoons or pictures posted on the blog. However, the whole thing was a great experience. I went to a live broadcast of Question Time and got to really engage in this election. As for the group as a whole, it was like a marriage. Just beautiful. No arguing or bickering. Just complete trust in one another and each of us supporting one another. The multimedia day went smoothly. We all agreed on the path to follow, but importantly, we were also very flexable to changing our initial ideas.

I hope to repeat the experience again in the future.