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First up for me was the video project. 5 weeks of learning how to use a video camera, Final Cut Pro, and all the joys of producing a three minute piece. I opted to gauge opinion on Tony Blair and his appearance at the Chilcott inquiry on the Iraq war. This was around the time this was all in the news.

I went around the university stopping my fellow students to get their opinions on whether the former Prime Minister should be charged with war crimes for his role in the war. It seemed to catch some people off guard as they at times struggled for an answer. Surprisingly, most of the respondents seemed to concur that a charge of war crimes would be to strong. I expected to encounter far more anger towards him especially following the media coverage of his performance at the inquiry.

For my audio, I went with the topic of lack of organ and bone marrow donation in the black community. I opted for this as it has become a major talking point in the last decade as many young people including children are dying because there are insufficient numbers on the register from the community. I wanted to highlight this issue and find out why there is such a reluctance for people to consider donating organs or bone marrow.

I spoke with  a representative from A.C.L.T (African Caribbean Leukemia Trust) in Croydon who are at the forfront of this battle to get people to register. However, the zoom recorder malfunctioned and I lost the interview. In the end I spoke with two friends who gave contrasting views on the subject. What it did was to highlight the reasons behind a reluctance to donate. Suspicion and ignorance being key reasons. It was a learning curve for me and one I have taken much from.


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