Group Blog Heaven

I thoroughly enjoyed the group blog project. Paul came up with the idea of doing a political blog. I thought it was a good one as the election was coming up in May, so there would be lots of copy to write. We assembled a team that included individuals that were hard working, committed and most important of all, reliable. Each of us were given a task and each person delivered.

Paul was the Editor, Sophia designed the website and Vicky did the Facebook and all things related to young people thing. I was tasked with overseeing the production schedule. It really was smooth sailing. Everyone wrote interesting and engaging pieces. Most of us all wrote more than required as we clearly enjoyed  producing the blog. I did a lot of research on political stories, such as the BNP contesting the Barking and Dagenham seat, and my local constituency. Overall the look and feel of the blog was great. Lots of cartoons and eye catching stories. Each of our personalties shone through and that added to the blogs success.

The only thing that could have been done better was catching spelling errors prior to them being posted. We also were all guilty of not crediting cartoons or pictures posted on the blog. However, the whole thing was a great experience. I went to a live broadcast of Question Time and got to really engage in this election. As for the group as a whole, it was like a marriage. Just beautiful. No arguing or bickering. Just complete trust in one another and each of us supporting one another. The multimedia day went smoothly. We all agreed on the path to follow, but importantly, we were also very flexable to changing our initial ideas.

I hope to repeat the experience again in the future.


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