Multimedia Journalism – A Reflection

Multimedia Journalism showed me just how important the internet and online journalism have become. I had never really considered how impressive a video slideshow can be and also the impact it can have on telling a story. It really takes journalism to another level.

I really enjoyed blogging most of all. It was something I had planned to do, so it was a great opportunity as part of the module. It’s such a great tool as it allows you to place your thoughts out there for the entire world to view. I like the interactive and creative elements of blogging. I learned to embed videos onto my blog and also link to other sites and stories. This is really what whetted my appetite to plunge head on into the medium. Most importantly, this module really highlighted how multi-faceted a journalist must be today. You can’t just settle on print, television or radio. By doing so, you’re really limiting yourself.  This is one of the reason I wanted to do a Journalism degree course. I have the experience of print journalism, but this is a whole new ball game.

This module has been very effective in bringing across the changing face of journalism. Culminating in the group blogs and multimedia days, I know it has already enhanced my journalistic skills and my and also my thinking. I want to go on and add to my repertoire and this module has helped to get the ball rolling. I look forward to doing Advanced Web Journalism in the year 2.


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