Egyptian promise

The people of Egypt have made it clear to President Mubarak that it’s time for him to release his grip on power and leave office. Democracy is the order of the day and the events of Tunisia have acted as a template for Egyptians.

The United States government doesn’t appear to be rushing to the Mubarak’s aid. Their only comment so far has been the need for a “orderly transition” towards a democratic future in the country. I’m sure both the U.S and UK governments would like to see democracy come to the Egypt, but at the same time, they know they’d be losing an important ally in the region who has been of great importance to them in the past. The other thing that comes with change is the unknown. Should Mubarak step down, then who shall take his place?

Already there are disagreements between Mohamed ElBaradei and opposition group, The Muslim Brotherhood. Will democracy win out should either of these take control or will repression remain and silence the voices that cry out so desperately for change. We should have our answer in a few days.


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