The richness of Meritocracy

Just watched Andrew Neil’s film on the beeb. Called Posh and Posher: Why Public Schoolboys run Britain, it looked at the lack of meritocracy in British politics. The overwhelming majority of the coalition Government consists of the privately educated. Of 119 ministers, 66% went to private school, 10% went to Eton and 75% are millionaires. This in a country where only 7% of the population are in private education.

The Labour Party, are also seeing more of its members come from the private school background. A third of the shadow cabinet is from Oxbridge. With cuts to public services and job losses mounting up, it is hard to believe that those from such backgrounds can really relate to the working and middle classes and their everyday struggles. With the demise of meritocracy in this country, Government will just become a bit like the stepford wives. No personality and no variety.


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