AOL buys the Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of the influential news website The Huffington Post, agreed to selling the company to AOL this week. The deal, reportedly worth $315 million, is be seen by some as AOL muscling its way into the market of digital journalism. You can watch an interview with Arianna Huffington and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong here.

AOL do not have a good track record in recent years with partnerships. Their purchase of Time Warner didn’t work out as planned, but this recent purchase could prove to be a success. The Huffington Post has strong name recognition in the U.S and in other parts of the world. So this move will allow them to use the resources of AOL and reach even more with it’s combined content.

“By uniting AOL and The Huffington Post, we are creating one of the largest destinations for smart content and community on the Internet. And we intend to keep making it better and better.” So says Arianna Huffington speaking about the future of this partnership. The move may allow AOL to take control in the content farms world as it will amass large amounts of quality content that will help it attract users who are fed up with being bombarded with rubbish content and spam from search engine results. Search engines are looking at putting a stop to this, so Demand Media would be the loser and AOL the winner with this move.

AOL’s Patch, a network of  local news sites, will get a boost from this partnership. People logging onto the Huffington Post will be more inclined to check out local news in their area rather than using newspaper and TV websites. It will be interesting to see if this marriage sinks or swims.


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