The tablet of doom

I keep reading how it’s just a matter of time before the printed newspaper is in its  final death throes. Since the launch of the iPad in 2010, a countdown has begun to the day the last printed newspaper is produced. I beg to differ on this and there is an interesting counter argument from Jason E. Klein, president and CEO of the Newspaper National Network.

Sales of the iPad in the U.S have been moderate at this point and although it may seem as though many print junkies have discarded their newspapers in favour of an iPad, but the majority have yet to do so and may never make the switch. Hewlett Packard announced this week that they plan to make a table called the the Touchpad.

*Picture from the NY Times website

The newspaper industry is excited by the possibilities the iPad and otherfuture tablets have to offer, but it’s diffusion may not be rapid.

Here in the UK, sales of newspapers continue to decline, but I don’t see many people pulling out tablets on their commute to work or on a leisurely weekend in the park.


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