Egyptians erupt with joy

*Picture from NY Times

After 18 days of protest, Hosni Mubarek finally succumbed to the will of his people and step down from the Presidency. This was  a truly momentous day in Egypt and the region. The power of the people was so overwhelming that their will was not to be denied. It all started with the ouster of Tunisan President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali by the Tunsian public who called for him to go. The key word in all of these protest is democracy. People in the middle east no longer wish to live under a dictatorship, but what to have their voices heard and their right to free speech. Yemen has seen pro democracy protests in recent weeks and now Algeria is seeing the same thing. Could the removal of Mubarek be a watershed moment for the Arab world?

The other question we should all be asking is was former U.S President George W. Bush right when he said that people wanted western style democracy? Many people thought it was a pipe dream when he spoke of this desire in 2003. It could just be that history will judge him in more favourable light. As for what happens now in Egypt, we shall await the next move of the military and if they indeed push for democracy. The events in Egypt should inspire all of us wherever we reside and should act as a reminder that the electorate hold the true power.


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