CBS reporter assaulted in Egypt

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, was sexually assaulted in Egypt during the celebrations in Tahrir Square. Logan who is the Chief Foreign Correspondent, was separated from her crew and surrounded by a mob who attacked her. CBS News describes it as a brutal and sustained sexual assault. She was rescued by a group of women and soldiers. Logan has returned to the United States, where she is now in hospital recovering. Logan was a reporter for GMTV in 2001 when she was kidnapped in Afghanistan before being released.


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2 Responses to “CBS reporter assaulted in Egypt”

  1. michellefrommadison Says:

    It appears Lara Logan got what she wanted. She is not a victim. Some people might even call her a tramp.

    • Nylon41 Says:

      I cannot agree with your statement. How on earth do you conclude that she got what she wanted? What woman wants to be sexually assaulted intentionally. She was attacked doing her job. I might expect such nonsense from a man, but certainly not from a woman.

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