Critical Evaluation – Newsday

For both newsdays, I arrived in the early afternoon having attended my shorthand lessons. Due to this, I missed out on the morning meetings which brought the broadcast and online classes together to discuss what they would do. On the first newsday, I joined the Inside WNOL blog team. I scoured the internet to see what I could blog about and found a few stories of interest. At the Ian Tomlinson inquest, there was breaking news about the testimony of a police officer who said that her colleague used excessive force in pushing down Mr Tomlinson. This was a good story to focus on as it was the first time, the public had heard criticism from within the Met Police about the events of that day. I logged onto to Twitter to see if Paul Lewis, the journalist that initially broke the story about Ian Tomlinson in 2009, had anything to add. He did not, but it was worth a look.

Other stories I blogged about were the BBC Breakfast team headed north to Salford. Some had agreed to go, while others opted not to. Interesting story as this move has proved controversial within the BBC, but also from the standpoint of a journalist. In many cases, you have to move from city to city to secure work and that gave me something to think about. I enjoyed newsday 1 despite being a late comer. There was a lot of energy in the newsroom and most people seemed engaged in their tasks. However, newsday 2 was the complete opposite.

When I arrived at lunchtime, there weren’t that many people in the newsroom. I again, opted to join the blogging team as it was too late to switch to another medium had I wanted to do so. I scoured a couple of the newspapers and found a few of interest. David suggested I blog about Bob Dylan’s tour of China and the controversy surrounding it. I used this story to incoporate the arrest of Ai Weiwei in Hong Kong a few days before Dylan’s first concert. The criticism being that Dylan was selling out to the Chinese government and would never have done so in his heyday. I also did a story about the 30th anniversary of the Brixton riots. There was a story in one of the papers, so I took some of the quotes from principal figures that were involved and married it with some of my own writing on the subject, which I’d done for the magazine project last year. I thought it was a good piece for the blog and even illicited a comment from an angry ‘indigenous englishman’.

In conclusion, both newsdays were useful. I enjoyed looking for stories of note and putting them up on the blog. The second one was disappointing though. A few students didn’t show up and within the online team, it felt like the last day before the Christmas break. I would have liked to have worked with the broadcast team on linking stories, but it wasn’t possible. I found that the newsday events helped to sharpen my journalistic nouse and got me to think about what stories matter to people and ones which drive traffic to a blog. Stories such as the Ian Tomlinson and Brixton riots, bring about varying opinions. This is something I will keep in mind for the future.


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