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Anthony Weiner’s manhood unveiled

June 13, 2011

Kanye West Battles Cleveland Brown Jr

May 4, 2010

U.S President’s Spoofed

March 4, 2010

Great spoof of the five most recent President’s of the United States featuring some of America’s famous comedians. It features Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan, Will Ferrel as George W Bush, Dan Akroyd as Jimmy Carter and Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford. The whole thing is directed by Ron Howard.

Pants on the ground

January 30, 2010

I decided to peruse the website to see what tasty multimedia morsels were fresh out the oven. To my surprise, I came across one about a contestant from a recent episode of American Idol.

This contestant was 62-year-old Atlanta resident, “General” Larry Platt. Although he failed to make it to Hollywood, he made an even bigger splash with his song ‘Pants on the ground’ becoming an instant viral hit. Within hours of his performance airing in the U.S, his song had inspired thousands of Americans to recite their own versions of his catchy song. From every day people across the country through to professional athletes and american comedian Jimmy Fallon, the song took on a life of its own.

This clip contained all the ingredients of why the world-wide web is such a joy to behold when used in the right way. Despite a ravaging recession, people are still able to be inspired and express their joy with the world. The clip also shows the power of television, in particular American Idol.

Overall, it brought a smile to my face and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. The world is truly one big neighbourhood community and what I type on this blog can potentially inspire someone or maybe even get them to pull their pants off the ground.,32068,63442179001_1956943,00.html