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The sand shifts beneath their feet

March 30, 2011


So once more, things appear to be moving quickly in Libya. The coalition of countries, including the U.S, UK and France, all agreed to enforce a no fly zone that was sancti0ned by the United Nations. The goal, we were told, was to protect the citizens of Libya from Colonel Gaddafi’s tyranny. The no fly zone shifted to a sustained bombing campaign. Now, there is talk of the Americans and the British arming the Libyan rebels in their fight against Gaddafi’s troops.

Yet it was just a week ago, the message was there was no chance of arming the rebels and that the removal of Gaddafi was not the primary goal. The whole thing seems to be a bit of a mess. From the ineptitude of British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, through to the haggling of Nato and EU member states, as to who should take command of the air strikes. President Obama is also providing more updates on a daily basis as to what he wants to see happen. Now he is saying that he is not willing to back the rebels just yet, as he is unsure as to who they actually are and what their motives may be.

The latest news is that the Libyan foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, has fled Libyan and arrived in London. The word is that he has quit the government and defected. What this means for Gaddafi in the long term remains to be seen. The chief of intelligence and speaker of the Libyan house has also fled the country to Tunisia according to unconfirmed reports. Earlier on Wednesday, the British Government expelled 5 Libyan diplomats because as William Hague says they may pose a threat to UK security.


Should he stay or should he go?

March 21, 2011

There appears to be major disagreements amongst the coalition of countries enforcing the no fly zone in Libya. Some leaders appear to be quite keen to see Col Ghaddafi be targeted for removal from office. Others it would seem, feel that he is not a target.

David Cameron says that the UN resolution “explicitly does not provide legal authority for action to bring about Gaddafi’s removal from power by military means”. On Sunday, Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, said that targeting Gaddafi might”potentially be a possibility”. Military leaders are quite keen to make it clear that Gaddafi is not a target. Sir David Richards saying “Absolutely not!” to the question of regime change. Shades of Iraq playing a big part in all of this.

Over in the U.S, Vice Admiral William E. Gortney,  said on Sunday that the Libyan leader is not a target. “At this particular point I can guarantee that he’s not on a targeting list,” The fact is that despite these denials, the western allies would love nothing more than to be rid of Gaddafi once and for all. However, they realise that to openly call for him to be targeted would lead to accusations of trying to grab Libyan oil and ride roughshod over another Muslim country.

We shall see what the future holds.