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Racism is alive and well in England

August 13, 2011

David Starkey appeared on Newsnight recently to lay the blame for the riots that swept the country solely at the door of black culture. His argument that “whites have become blacks” is not only pathetic, but blatantly racist. He has made the mistake that a lot of white people in England have done this week. Falling into the default position of blaming black people for society’s ills. How easy and comfortable it is for these people to point fingers at their bogeyman of choice. I found Starkey’s comments to be highly offensive. To equate black culture with criminality, negativity and savagery makes my blood boil.

There were plenty of white people involved in the rioting up and down the country. Yet, no one appears to have noticed. It’s proof for me that racism lives a healthy life amongst many in England. Black culture is not the root cause of the riots. In fact, it has nothing to do with it at all. It’s pathetic of Starkey and Daily Mirror columnist, Paul Routledge, to accuse rap music of being the instigator of rioting. How many rap songs have they listened to? Some rap music may talk about killing and violence, but the vast majority of it is about materialism. That is what the riots were really about. Thousands of people looting stores so they can get their share. Yes, it is wrong to want something without working hard for it, but it is an issue that is pervasive in our society as a whole. Many people from all backgrounds are more concerned about materialistic gain than anything else. You see it all around you everyday.

I’m tired of the racist rantings of wankers like Starkey and numerous others that have called into radio phone ins this week or written column inches. I feel as if I’ve time traveled back to the 80s. It’s amazing to me how white people can see an angry black face and become so fearful. It says more about their own prejudice when they react in such fashion. Black people have made numerous positive contributions to this country. Yet, why should I or any other black person have to keep making such a statement? Why must we always convince people of all the good we’ve done when it’s not a requirement for whites or any other race. We’re always held to a higher standard and treated with the greatest disdain. If it makes Starkey feel better to believe his line of bullshit, so be it, but it worries me how his point of view appears to be growing.


Daily Sport ceases trading

April 1, 2011

The first national newspaper victim of the internet age? Or just a crap paper that nobody wanted to read? Whichever one you choose to believe, the fact is the Daily Sport has been placed into administration. It ceased trading on April 1. And no, this is not a April fools joke.

Sport Media Group, which owns the titles of the Daily and Sunday Sport, pulled the plug. They don’t have any money to pay their creditors. This follows their warning in December that it had suffered “insufficient recovery”. Without a buyer, the paper could go the way of Eddie Shah’s Today newspaper in 1995. The Sunday Sport was launched in 1986 with lots of saucy stories and scantily clad women. The Daily Sport was relaunched in 2008 with James Brown, formerly of Loaded magazine. The goal was to lose the sleaze and focus more on the sex.

Guess it didn’t quite work out. And now both titles are on life support. Who will be their saviour?