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America rejoices in the demise of Bin Laden

May 2, 2011

The history books will view May 1, 2011 as a momentus day in the fight against Al-Qaida.  Osama Bin Laden met his end with two bullets to the head in his compound in Pakistan. The news  of his death brought jubiliant Americans out onto the streets in Washington D.C and at ground zero in Lower Manhattan. Many of them have waited for this moment and with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks only four months away, it was fitting that they returned to the scene of the crime.

This is also a huge boost for President Obama. For it is he that has delivered the news that every American longed to hear. That Bin Laden had met his end at the hands of the their military. Even his many political opponents had to give him huge kudos for taking out the most wanted man on the FBI’s list. It augers well for his reelection chances next year. Weather this news helps to heal relations between Arab Americans and those who demonise them remains to be seen. The death of Bin Laden doesn’t change much in terms of Al Qaida’s attempts to target America and European countries. They will still attempt to kill and maim.  It will be interesting to see the response of muslims living in Britain, where several extremists have been inspired by Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. Already, one islamist group has sent an email to the The Guardian newspaper, warning that the death of Bin Laden is” only the beginning”.

Whatever your view of America, one cannot fail to be moved by the scenes of joy within that country. Everyone remembers the impact the attacks in NY and DC had on the entire world. A sense of closure has been sealed with Bin Laden’s death for some family members. For everyday New Yorkers, it is a defining moment. Having worked right next to the site of ground zero and seeing the daily pilgramages to that location, it is pleasing to know that when the Freedom Tower is completed in 2013, there is a sense of peace amongst those who lost their lives.


America’s insanity

April 28, 2011

I found it quite amazing that President Obama released his birth certificate on Wednesday to silence the ‘birther’ movement. He shouldn’t have wasted his time. These idiots, who have continuously questioned the President’s place of birth, won’t be satisfied.

Donald Trump gloated that he was responsible for the birth certificate being released after his constant questioning of the President. Trump is stirring the pot and playing to the tea party crowd who only oppose the President because of his skin colour and not because of his politics. Trump will never get near the Republican nomination for Presdient, so he should just stick to his stupid hairpiece and his crappy show. He is an odious man, who is just an opportunist. Why anybody finds him noteworthy remains a mystery to me. Now he’s trying to stir the pot about the President’s place at Columbia and Harvard universities. Bob Schieffer, anchor of Sunday political show, Face the Nation, says it best when he accuses Trump of using race to further the debate.

The other neanderthals in the Tea Party and beyond unsurprisingly questioned the newly released birth certificate. One idiot saying that it raises more questions than answers. Please, do us a favour and go back underground and never surface again! America is made to look very foolish on this issue. After two years in office, they still want to have this debate. How pathetic are they? The rest of the world looks on and laughs at the cretins that make this an issue. It’s a shame Obama legitimised it by taking valuable time to address these nutcases.  No doubt they’ll find some other ridiculous issue to drag out before next year’s election.