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Racism is alive and well in England

August 13, 2011

David Starkey appeared on Newsnight recently to lay the blame for the riots that swept the country solely at the door of black culture. His argument that “whites have become blacks” is not only pathetic, but blatantly racist. He has made the mistake that a lot of white people in England have done this week. Falling into the default position of blaming black people for society’s ills. How easy and comfortable it is for these people to point fingers at their bogeyman of choice. I found Starkey’s comments to be highly offensive. To equate black culture with criminality, negativity and savagery makes my blood boil.

There were plenty of white people involved in the rioting up and down the country. Yet, no one appears to have noticed. It’s proof for me that racism lives a healthy life amongst many in England. Black culture is not the root cause of the riots. In fact, it has nothing to do with it at all. It’s pathetic of Starkey and Daily Mirror columnist, Paul Routledge, to accuse rap music of being the instigator of rioting. How many rap songs have they listened to? Some rap music may talk about killing and violence, but the vast majority of it is about materialism. That is what the riots were really about. Thousands of people looting stores so they can get their share. Yes, it is wrong to want something without working hard for it, but it is an issue that is pervasive in our society as a whole. Many people from all backgrounds are more concerned about materialistic gain than anything else. You see it all around you everyday.

I’m tired of the racist rantings of wankers like Starkey and numerous others that have called into radio phone ins this week or written column inches. I feel as if I’ve time traveled back to the 80s. It’s amazing to me how white people can see an angry black face and become so fearful. It says more about their own prejudice when they react in such fashion. Black people have made numerous positive contributions to this country. Yet, why should I or any other black person have to keep making such a statement? Why must we always convince people of all the good we’ve done when it’s not a requirement for whites or any other race. We’re always held to a higher standard and treated with the greatest disdain. If it makes Starkey feel better to believe his line of bullshit, so be it, but it worries me how his point of view appears to be growing.


Anthony Weiner’s manhood unveiled

June 13, 2011

America’s insanity

April 28, 2011

I found it quite amazing that President Obama released his birth certificate on Wednesday to silence the ‘birther’ movement. He shouldn’t have wasted his time. These idiots, who have continuously questioned the President’s place of birth, won’t be satisfied.

Donald Trump gloated that he was responsible for the birth certificate being released after his constant questioning of the President. Trump is stirring the pot and playing to the tea party crowd who only oppose the President because of his skin colour and not because of his politics. Trump will never get near the Republican nomination for Presdient, so he should just stick to his stupid hairpiece and his crappy show. He is an odious man, who is just an opportunist. Why anybody finds him noteworthy remains a mystery to me. Now he’s trying to stir the pot about the President’s place at Columbia and Harvard universities. Bob Schieffer, anchor of Sunday political show, Face the Nation, says it best when he accuses Trump of using race to further the debate.

The other neanderthals in the Tea Party and beyond unsurprisingly questioned the newly released birth certificate. One idiot saying that it raises more questions than answers. Please, do us a favour and go back underground and never surface again! America is made to look very foolish on this issue. After two years in office, they still want to have this debate. How pathetic are they? The rest of the world looks on and laughs at the cretins that make this an issue. It’s a shame Obama legitimised it by taking valuable time to address these nutcases.  No doubt they’ll find some other ridiculous issue to drag out before next year’s election.

It’s all kicking off in the coalition

April 24, 2011

Is the love affair over? Angry statements have been made by the Lib Dems, including Nick Clegg, about the “lies” the Conservatives are spreading about the alternative vote system. As part of the Lib Dems agreeing to form a Government with the tories, they demanded there put a vote put to the electorate about AV. Now, where once there was sweetness and light, lies anger and hatred. The NO campaign have been busy. The YES campaign are fighting back.

Energy Secretary, Chris Hune has not ruled out resigning his position over this. He accuses the tories of “untruths” and is considering taking legal action. “It is frankly worrying if you have colleagues who you’ve respected, and who you’ve worked well with, who are making claims which have no foundation in truth whatsoever.” Foreign Secretary William Hague said that he does not believe that the rows will disunite the coalition. “We all have strong feelings but at the end of it the coalition will work very well together as it is at the moment.”

Sitting in on those cabinet meetings just got a whole lot more interesting. How I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that room.

Christopher Hitchins interview

March 7, 2011

Great interview conducted by Steve Croft of 60 Minutes with Christopher Hitchens.


Egyptians erupt with joy

February 12, 2011

*Picture from NY Times

After 18 days of protest, Hosni Mubarek finally succumbed to the will of his people and step down from the Presidency. This was  a truly momentous day in Egypt and the region. The power of the people was so overwhelming that their will was not to be denied. It all started with the ouster of Tunisan President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali by the Tunsian public who called for him to go. The key word in all of these protest is democracy. People in the middle east no longer wish to live under a dictatorship, but what to have their voices heard and their right to free speech. Yemen has seen pro democracy protests in recent weeks and now Algeria is seeing the same thing. Could the removal of Mubarek be a watershed moment for the Arab world?

The other question we should all be asking is was former U.S President George W. Bush right when he said that people wanted western style democracy? Many people thought it was a pipe dream when he spoke of this desire in 2003. It could just be that history will judge him in more favourable light. As for what happens now in Egypt, we shall await the next move of the military and if they indeed push for democracy. The events in Egypt should inspire all of us wherever we reside and should act as a reminder that the electorate hold the true power.

The Daily launch

February 3, 2011

Rupert Murdoch has plunged headlong into the battle for the salvation of the newspaper industry. On Wednesday he launched The Daily, an electronic newspaper that is exclusive to the iPad.

This latest venture is being watched closely by those within the industry. The hope is that it will be the first success in stemming the rapid decline of newspaper readers. The cost of The Daily will be 99 cents a week or $40 for the year. The first two weeks however are free.  Speaking at the New York launch, Mr Murdoch was enthusiastic about the impact his latest title could make. “We can and we must make the business of news gathering and editing viable again.”

This one could prove to be a slow burner as the public have shown a resistance to paying for news content online. The other hurdle could be the iPad itself. In the U.S., 15 million have been sold. That’s a small number when you look at the size of the population. However, anyone with a passion for journalism will hope that this could open up the world to the age of new journalism. Whatever your thoughts on Rupert Murdoch may be.

*Picture taken from the NY Times website

Mubarek hits back

February 2, 2011

So after his speech on Tuesday, it appears that President Mubarek has resorted to instilling his authority  on his people by having his supporters attack them. Foreign journalist have also been attacked. Anderson Cooper and his crew from CNN were assaulted. Christiane Amanpour from ABC News just tweeted that she and her crew had to flee after being surrounded by pro government supporters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mubarak decides to stay in office beyond September as his taste for power is far too strong. Wonder what Hilary Clinton and William Hague have to say about today’s events.

*Picture from the NY Times

Social media in Egypt

January 31, 2011

Katie Couric posted the link to an interesting story about the role social media played in organising demonstrations in Egypt.

Egyptian promise

January 31, 2011

The people of Egypt have made it clear to President Mubarak that it’s time for him to release his grip on power and leave office. Democracy is the order of the day and the events of Tunisia have acted as a template for Egyptians.

The United States government doesn’t appear to be rushing to the Mubarak’s aid. Their only comment so far has been the need for a “orderly transition” towards a democratic future in the country. I’m sure both the U.S and UK governments would like to see democracy come to the Egypt, but at the same time, they know they’d be losing an important ally in the region who has been of great importance to them in the past. The other thing that comes with change is the unknown. Should Mubarak step down, then who shall take his place?

Already there are disagreements between Mohamed ElBaradei and opposition group, The Muslim Brotherhood. Will democracy win out should either of these take control or will repression remain and silence the voices that cry out so desperately for change. We should have our answer in a few days.