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It’s all kicking off in the coalition

April 24, 2011

Is the love affair over? Angry statements have been made by the Lib Dems, including Nick Clegg, about the “lies” the Conservatives are spreading about the alternative vote system. As part of the Lib Dems agreeing to form a Government with the tories, they demanded there put a vote put to the electorate about AV. Now, where once there was sweetness and light, lies anger and hatred. The NO campaign have been busy. The YES campaign are fighting back.

Energy Secretary, Chris Hune has not ruled out resigning his position over this. He accuses the tories of “untruths” and is considering taking legal action. “It is frankly worrying if you have colleagues who you’ve respected, and who you’ve worked well with, who are making claims which have no foundation in truth whatsoever.” Foreign Secretary William Hague said that he does not believe that the rows will disunite the coalition. “We all have strong feelings but at the end of it the coalition will work very well together as it is at the moment.”

Sitting in on those cabinet meetings just got a whole lot more interesting. How I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that room.


The Return of the Tories

May 12, 2010

They’re back! The old etonians have taken over the asylum. Welcome back?  I think not. I consider this ‘historic’ moment a sad day in Britain. Having grown up under Thatcher and her cronies from ’79 to ’97, I truly dread the Conservatives taking back control of this country. The only saving grace is that the coalition with the Lib Dems has clipped their wings….for now.

David Cameron is now the 19th Prime Minister to hail from Eton. Says it all really. Despite his claims of modernisation of the tories, they are still a middle and upper class group who despise the working class people of this country. They also loath the NHS and would surely love to dismantle it. They’re the party whose members were born with silver spoons in their mouths. As for Nick Clegg, he’s cut from the same cloth. Just another toff. Classless soicety? My…there’s goes a pig flying by my window.

The Lib Dems should adopt the Beach Boys song ‘Wipeout’ because that’s what will happen to their MP’s at the next election. And we won’t have five years to wait for that. I reckon by 2012 we’ll be trudging back to the polls. In the meantime, God help us all!