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Stephen Lawrence gets justice

January 4, 2012

After almost 19 years, two of the people responsible for the murder of Stephen Lawrence have been found guilty. Gary Dobson and David Norris received life sentences of 14 and 15 years respectively. I am very pleased to see these two scumbags locked up. It’s just so incredible it took so long for them to be brought to justice. I always remember when Stephen was murdered back in 1993. That part of London was notorious for racism as were other parts of South East London.

Watching the coverage recently brought back a lot of anger in me towards this cowards. I especially remember when they attended the Macpherson inquiry in Elephant & Castle in 1999. The way the sauntered out, goading the waiting crowd, made me want to knock the living shit out of them. I really hope that the remaining suspects are also brought to justice and their grins wiped off their faces. For now, I’m happy for Doreen and Neville Lawrence. They can at least have some closure knowing two people have been convicted of their sons murder.

As for the parents of Dobson and Norris, they can go rot in hell. They clearly instilled the hatred of black people into their sons from a young age. They lied in court under oath claiming their sons were at home. They should have been thrown in jail for perjury. The comment from Norris father after sentencing says all anyone needed to know about him and his family.


Anthony Weiner’s manhood unveiled

June 13, 2011

America rejoices in the demise of Bin Laden

May 2, 2011

The history books will view May 1, 2011 as a momentus day in the fight against Al-Qaida.  Osama Bin Laden met his end with two bullets to the head in his compound in Pakistan. The news  of his death brought jubiliant Americans out onto the streets in Washington D.C and at ground zero in Lower Manhattan. Many of them have waited for this moment and with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks only four months away, it was fitting that they returned to the scene of the crime.

This is also a huge boost for President Obama. For it is he that has delivered the news that every American longed to hear. That Bin Laden had met his end at the hands of the their military. Even his many political opponents had to give him huge kudos for taking out the most wanted man on the FBI’s list. It augers well for his reelection chances next year. Weather this news helps to heal relations between Arab Americans and those who demonise them remains to be seen. The death of Bin Laden doesn’t change much in terms of Al Qaida’s attempts to target America and European countries. They will still attempt to kill and maim.  It will be interesting to see the response of muslims living in Britain, where several extremists have been inspired by Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. Already, one islamist group has sent an email to the The Guardian newspaper, warning that the death of Bin Laden is” only the beginning”.

Whatever your view of America, one cannot fail to be moved by the scenes of joy within that country. Everyone remembers the impact the attacks in NY and DC had on the entire world. A sense of closure has been sealed with Bin Laden’s death for some family members. For everyday New Yorkers, it is a defining moment. Having worked right next to the site of ground zero and seeing the daily pilgramages to that location, it is pleasing to know that when the Freedom Tower is completed in 2013, there is a sense of peace amongst those who lost their lives.

Christopher Hitchins interview

March 7, 2011

Great interview conducted by Steve Croft of 60 Minutes with Christopher Hitchens.


CBS reporter assaulted in Egypt

February 15, 2011

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, was sexually assaulted in Egypt during the celebrations in Tahrir Square. Logan who is the Chief Foreign Correspondent, was separated from her crew and surrounded by a mob who attacked her. CBS News describes it as a brutal and sustained sexual assault. She was rescued by a group of women and soldiers. Logan has returned to the United States, where she is now in hospital recovering. Logan was a reporter for GMTV in 2001 when she was kidnapped in Afghanistan before being released.